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County Matches

Our founding member of Worsley chess club and current chairman of the Manchester chess federation Damian McElvenny, is building up and managing our Manchester county teams. We entered teams into all sections of the NCCU county champinship. U1450, U1650, U1850, U2050 and Open.

Our current county results

U2050 Greater Manchester 5 v 7 Yorkshire

U1850 Greater Manchester 4 v 8 Yorkshire

U1650 Greater Manchester 5 v 7 Yorkshire

U1450 Greater Manchester 5.5 v 6.5 Yorkshire

Open  Greater Manchester 5 v 7 Northumberland

U2050 Greater Manchester 4.5 v 7.5 Northumberland

U1850 Greater Manchester 8.5 v 3.5 Cumbria

Open Greater Manchester 7.5 v 4.5 Yorkshire

A good showing, For us it's more about getting our players out there into county chess (that will give the opponents good games). We were outgraded in some of the matches and over 12 boards that is hard to overcome, but we've got some wins too.


We've has some good Swinton and Worsley individual wins. (Our players are strongly represented in the Greater Manchester county teams.) Check out the links to see them.

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